I've played with the FM 8 trial version for an hour or two. In addition
to Sarah's findings, I noticed that (disappointingly) some old interface
problems remain. Dialogs like Conditional Text, Variable and
Cross-Reference are still not resizable. Variable and Cross-Reference
are still modal. 

The new 'tab bar' feature looks interesting, but on my 20", 1600x1200
monitor the bar fills up when I've got 10 or so documents open. Most of
my books consist of more than 10 documents (and I usually keep all
documents in the book open), which makes this new interface as useless
as the Window menu for selecting a document. 

This means I'm still reduced to making sure the book file is always
visible, so I can select a document by double-clicking it in the book
file. That's three clicks (plus making sure the Paragraph and Table
Designer are closed, to avoid that bug) for something that could have
been a single drag action from the Window menu. 

Harro de Jong

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