I think we should be happy that the new version has some significant 
improvements and shows that Frame is NOT a dead or dying product, 
instead of complaining about the lateness of the new features.

Shmuel Wolfson

Alison Carrico wrote:
> In my business (document/software translation/localization), the Unicode
> support alone is worth the price of admission several times over. I was
> as giddy as a schoolgirl when I printed a Russian doc to PDF & all the
> bookmarks came out perfectly.  I've been using TimeSavers in 7.1 and,
> while it is a huge help, there are characters in several languages that
> do not convert correctly, requiring tedious copy/pasting to correct.
> I'm working with the trial version until Purchasing gets the upgrade
> ordered, and we'll recommend upgrading to several of our clients.  
> BUT... it really is disappointing to see relatively few real
> innovations. IMO, a lot of the new features warrant only an "It's about
> time", not "Wow, cool!"  Makes me wonder what the Frame engineers at
> Adobe have been doing for the umpteen years between 7.2 & this version.
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> I've posted an overview of FrameMaker 8 with my impressions here:
> http://www.scriptorium.com/palimpsest/2007/08/framemaker-8-first-impress
> ions.html
> Please feel free to comment on the blog or in this forum. The review
> itself is too long to post to the list in its entirety (and it has
> screen shots and PDF links).
> Regards,
> Sarah O'Keefe

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