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>I work with Frame over a network every day. I produce a 
>number of books using hundreds of files, and none of them 
>are on my local machine. FrameMaker is on my local machine, 
>and everything else is on the network. I have done this for 
>years without incident. 

No doubt.  But many other people have not had this happy an
experience.  Check the archives of this list for many reports.
In particular, trouble often occurs after a file is opened
successfully; sometimes there is a failure when it is saved,
sometimes when it's used in generating a book, etc.  It's
not totally predictable.  But it's something to check, first.

>Frame has often had trouble with networks, 

So it appears we agree.

>but to say it has "never worked" over a network is hyperbole 

Please!  Spare me the misquote!  I said "*never* worked properly",
and leaving off the qualifier is quite a misrepresentation!

>that may cause Gillian to miss a more important problem. 

Nope.  The point is, she can quickly determine if that is the
problem by *trying* it locally.  If the problem goes away, she
can continue with her project.  If it doesn't, she needs to
continue troubleshooting.  It's a quick and easy test to make.

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