Gillian Flato wrote:

> > Handle is a command-line program; the command to find the process
> > has mypdf.pdf open is simply "handle mypdf". 
> > 
> > If you're not comfortable with the DOS command line, Process
> > is a GUI tool.  After installing it, ctrl-F will open a search box
> > which you can type "mypdf".  
> When I tried that, my system said that "handle *.pdf" is not
> as a command.


Your system can't find handle.exe.  You can remedy that problem by
changing to the directory into which you copied handle.exe, or by adding
that directory to your PATH environment variable... Or you can avoid the
command-line altogether by downloading Process Explorer.

If you decide to use Handle, note that wildcard characters are neither
necessary nor desired: The command to find all open PDFs is "handle
.pdf" or just "handle pdf", not "handle *.pdf".


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