When I tried that, my system said that "handle *.pdf" is not recognized
as a command. 


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Gillian Flato wrote:

> I get the following message:
> > > "Adobe PDF" cannot access the file because it is un use by another
> > > application or process: 
> G:\\blah\blah\blah\mypdf.pdf
> Verify that the file is not open by another application or process and
> try again.>> 
> It's weird because no one else is accessing the file and it's not open
> by any other program. 
> My IT guy looked at the file and said that there was no security info
> on it. The only way he could break the link to the PDF so I could
> delete it was to reboot the server. I am working on a network drive.


I suspect that you're just seeing a default error message, and that the
file might NOT actually be in use by another app... But you can find out
for sure by using either Handle or Process Explorer:

Handle is a command-line program; the command to find the process that
has mypdf.pdf open is simply "handle mypdf".

If you're not comfortable with the DOS command line, Process Explorer is
a GUI tool.  After installing it, ctrl-F will open a search box into
which you can type "mypdf".


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