This little utility is a handy way to see what application has a lock on any
given file, and optionally release the lock  it pops up whenever a "lock
condition" prevents updating. 

I often had experiences with Acrobat (I use Acro 7) where I need to close
Acrobat in order to create a PDF of the same name -- not just close the PDF
itself, but close Acrobat, in order for the file lock to be removed. 



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> I have a typical Frame Book with .fm files in it. When I save it to PDF
> in a new folder, it's fine. When I try to resave, I get the following
> message:
> >>"Adobe PDF" cannot access the file because it is un use by another
> application or process:
> G:\\blah\blah\blah\mypdf.pdf
> Verify that the file is not open by another application or process and
> try again.>>
> It's weird because no one else is accessing the file and it's not open
> by any other program.

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