In fact, FrameMaker treats a "network drive" no
differently than a local drive. It doesn't
and shouldn't need to do anything special when
opening, reading, writing, or closing a file
stored on a drive that isn't local to the actual
execution of FrameMaker. For better or worse, it
relies on the operating system FrameMaker is
running on, the operating system of the system on
which the "network drive" is attached, and the
system administration of same to make access to
non-local drives.

Problems that are most typically seen relate to
(1) improper permissions set on the files,
directories, or both on the "network drives"
and (2) incompatibilities between the user's
OS and the network drive's OS, especially when
accessing NetWare-based or various UNIX-based
network shares from Windows.

What exactly do you think FrameMaker should be
doing that it isn't doing now with regards to
such files?

        - Dov

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> >I am working on a network drive. 
> And there you have it.
> >Does this give anyone any ideas? As we get toward release time, I am
> >constantly rebuilding this PDF. This problem is really hosing me up. 
> Frame has *never* worked properly with network drives.
> Sad, considering it was born on UNIX, but true.  Work on 
> a local drive, then copy the end result to the network.
> -- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.

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