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  (FM7.2 on WinXP) Our templates and style guide have the graphics and tables 
left-aligned with captions. However, when the figure is an integrated graphic 
in a procedure, it looks a bit odd to have the figure and caption all the way 
over against the left edge of the text frame when the surrounding text is at 
various levels of indentation?.25 inches for numbered steps and additional .25 
inches for substep or bullet levels, potentially .75 inches from the left 
margin, if the graphic appears after options in an alpha substep, like a short 
bulleted list under step 3 (b). (I hope that make sense. It would be so much 
easier to just show you!)

  A couple of employers (and several years) ago, we had FM templates that used 
a figure caption paragraph format, and if?when you inserted the anchored 
frame?you followed some certain procedure (which of course I cannot find and 
only vaguely remember) you could get the paragraph to align itself relative to 
the level of indentation of the preceding paragraph. Long story short, that 
company got sold, and the other writers have long been scattered to the winds. 

  So, now I'm trying to reinvent the wheel. I tried messing around with where I 
insert the anchored frame and the various combinations of anchored frame 
positioning and alignment, but I can't seem to get it working.  Seems like we 
had a shortcut keystroke set up, maybe with a .cfg file or something, but you 
could manually make it happen even without using the shortcut. Does anyone on 
this list have any ideas?  Brainstorming would be helpful!  :-)

  Rene Stephenson

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