Yes, that is one way to do it...Thanks, Stuart.

Stuart Rogers <srogers at> wrote:
  Rene Stephenson wrote:
> Thanks - but that doesn't affect the figure caption. I think my
> original question got too convoluted (sorry). I'm trying to figure
> out how to get the paragraph for the figure caption to indent
> relative to the preceding paragraph...without having to manually
> change the settings in the paragraph designer every time a different
> caption indentation is needed?

I don't have as many possible indentation levels as you, but I simply 
created a series of pgf tags, for the graphic (gfGraphicFlush, 
gi1GraphicIndent1, gi2GraphicIndent2) and for the caption 
(cfCaptionFlush, ci1, ci2, etc.). I always put my graphics in a pgf of 
their own At Insertion Point, with the correct tag applied. The graphic 
pgf tags specify the corresponding caption tag as the Next Pgf.


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