At 09:21 +0000 2/3/07, Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:

>My advise if for them to read Joe Sutter's "747 -- Creating the
>World's First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation".

Thanks, Bodvar. And when you've finished that, try Tracey Kidder's 'The Soul of 
a New Machine', about how Data General played catch-up with DEC in the early 
days of sixteen-bit minicomputers.

Moral: If you want to achieve the impossible, make sure that no-one involved 
believes that it *is* impossible.

I personally regret that what I thought at least started out as a relevant 
technical discussion has been perceived as flogging a dead horse. I also run a 
mixed shop of Macs and PCs, and operate a horses-for-courses platform policy. 
Over the years I have used FrameMaker on Unix, Mac and PC. There is nothing 
wrong with FrameMaker on PC, per se, it's just that all that Windows nastiness 
spoils it. And I mean, *really* spoils it.

We do indeed have out own platform for this sort of discussion, and I will 
attempt to refrain from platform specifics in future.


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