> What concerns me is that many of these tools are Enterprise level.
> Meaning that they are too expensive to be purchased by a single
> person, and often require a server from which to run. What that
> means, is that companies will segregate writers into those who know
> the tools, and those who don't. If you want to get a job, you have to
> know the tools. Most companies don't want to teach you to use them.
> They want you to know them already. They won't care if you know XML
> or SGML. They will focus on the tool.

Ah... Fear and Loathing in TechComm. ;-)

1. There are plenty of non-enterprise solutions for lone writers and
such to use to manage XML content.
2. Technology will always win out over tools, period.
3. Some companies will undoubtedly be tool-centric, which is fine. If
they want to overlook you as a candidate/hire based on specific tools
experience and not on technology knowledge and experience, did you
really want to work there in the first place?

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