Why be afraid of Frame's possible demise? XML is the future, and Frame is
just a tool, and should never be the source. There will be (actually,
already are) new tools, Frame ain't all that anyway. Seems like I've been
using it forever--I look forward to the day that something else will improve
on it.

Sean Pollock
UGS Corp.

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At 9:40 AM +0000 3/2/07, Gordon McLean wrote:
>Sales figures will reveal the story.
>What sells more, Photoshop or FrameMaker?

Precisely, and you should be prepared for the day when FrameMaker is 
killed off by Adobe. If this tool is important to you, you should be 
very, very afraid of its demise for the exact same reasons that Adobe 
dropped it for the Mac.

Don't be too smug.


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