As new tools come out, companies will not expect you to know more than 
the most common ones. There is a lot more to technical writing than the 
authoring tool.

Shmuel Wolfson

quills at wrote:
> At 8:29 PM -0500 3/4/07, Sean Pollock wrote:
>> Why be afraid of Frame's possible demise? XML is the future, and 
>> Frame is
>> just a tool, and should never be the source. There will be (actually,
>> already are) new tools, Frame ain't all that anyway. Seems like I've 
>> been
>> using it forever--I look forward to the day that something else will 
>> improve
>> on it.
>> Sean Pollock
>> UGS Corp.
> What concerns me is that many of these tools are Enterprise level. 
> Meaning that they are too expensive to be purchased by a single 
> person, and often require a server from which to run. What that means, 
> is that companies will segregate writers into those who know the 
> tools, and those who don't. If you want to get a job, you have to know 
> the tools. Most companies don't want to teach you to use them. They 
> want you to know them already. They won't care if you know XML or 
> SGML. They will focus on the tool.
> Scott
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