When in doubt, fib. You can almost always get an evaluation version of, or
book on, the tool for which a company requires knowledge. If you know XML,
the tool usually isn't going to be that hard to learn.

I got my first tech writing job with no knowledge of Frame in 1997 and was
training others a month later. I'm no Einstein, I just looked up the
information I needed.

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At 8:29 PM -0500 3/4/07, Sean Pollock wrote:
>Why be afraid of Frame's possible demise? XML is the future, and Frame is
>just a tool, and should never be the source. There will be (actually,
>already are) new tools, Frame ain't all that anyway. Seems like I've been
>using it forever--I look forward to the day that something else will
>on it.
>Sean Pollock
>UGS Corp.

What concerns me is that many of these tools are Enterprise level. 
Meaning that they are too expensive to be purchased by a single 
person, and often require a server from which to run. What that 
means, is that companies will segregate writers into those who know 
the tools, and those who don't. If you want to get a job, you have to 
know the tools. Most companies don't want to teach you to use them. 
They want you to know them already. They won't care if you know XML 
or SGML. They will focus on the tool.


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