At the 1999 FrameUsers Conference in Minneapolis, somebody posed this 
question to Adobe co-founder and then-CEO John Warnock in a public Q/A 
session. He responded that FrameMaker had "about a half-million" 
installed seats worldwide.

This information is a bit old, but it is the only public disclosure of 
FrameMaker's installed base that I have ever encountered.


Diane Gaskill wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know Adobe keeps all of their numbers a Big Secret, but I am creating a 
> comparison spreadsheet in my research on FM vs AT and I need to have a 
> general idea of how many FM seats have been installed.  FM has been in use 
> since the late 1980s and I would estimate at least 100K seats.  If anyone on 
> the list can provide an more accurate number, I'd really appreciate the 
> information.  Incidentally, PTC says they have 20K installed seats.
> Thanks,
> Diane

Alan Houser, President
Group Wellesley, Inc.

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