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> Hi Bodvar,
> Given that many FrameMaker users are in the software
> industry (at least here in Northern California), the number
> of unused licenses may be higher than you think. For
> example, as the manager of the Pubs department at Company
> A, I bought nine licenses for my group. The company was
> acquired and my entire department was eventually laid off.
> At Company B, I bought three FrameMaker licenses for my
> group, only to have the same thing happen again. I'm now at
> Company C, where I bought yet another copy. I also have the
> personal copy I bought after one of the layoffs. So of the
> 14 licenses I've bought in the last 7 years, only two are
> currently in use.

This reminds me of a case of applying scientific method 
results in the wrong conclusion:

Monday night - drank Scotch on the rocks until passing out.
Tuesday morning - royal hangover.
Tuesday night - drank vodka on the rocks until passing out.
Wednesday morning - royal hangover.
Wednesday night - drank gin on the rocks until passing out.
Thursday morning - royal hangover.
Thursday night - drank Irish on the rocks until passing out.
Friday morning - royal hangover.

Conclusion: the common factor is ice cubes. Leave them out of 
drinks to avoid morning hangovers.

Moral, perhaps? Be careful when buying lots of FrameMaker 

Perhaps companies that are late FrameMaker adopters are too 
precarious already to benefit from it?M<G>

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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