Hi Bodvar,

Given that many FrameMaker users are in the software industry (at least here in 
Northern California), the number of unused licenses may be higher than you 
think. For example, as the manager of the Pubs department at Company A, I 
bought nine licenses for my group. The company was acquired and my entire 
department was eventually laid off. At Company B, I bought three FrameMaker 
licenses for my group, only to have the same thing happen again. I'm now at 
Company C, where I bought yet another copy. I also have the personal copy I 
bought after one of the layoffs. So of the 14 licenses I've bought in the last 
7 years, only two are currently in use. 


Susan Frahm Modlin
Lithium Technologies

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Hi Diane,

Adobe should know how many licenses they have _sold_. How many are
_using_ FM is a different matter. I guess they are somewhat fewer. I
base that assumption on the fact that you can get used FM second hand
(including all paperwork). This leads me to assume that a (small?)
number of licenses are no longer in use.

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