Exactly. And that is in the province of the developer, the programmers, and the 
GUI designers. Using TW to cover up poor design and inadequate programming is 
not particularly useful for anyone.http://www.tekwrytrs.com/Specializing in the 
Design, Development, and Production of:Technical Documentation - Online Content 
- Enterprise Websites> Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 09:08:58 -0700> From: athloi at 
yahoo.com> Subject: RE: radical revamping of techpubs> To: rinnie1 at 
yahoo.com; tekwrytr at hotmail.com; framers at lists.frameusers.com> > As users 
become more technically savvy, they become less dependent on> vague manuals and 
more interested in software with a smooth, intuitive,> powerful interface and 
reliable function. See blog post on this issue:> > 
 > --- Rene Stephenson <rinnie1 at yahoo.com> wrote:> > > The involvement of 
TW/doc mgr early on is not initially> > for writing the doc as muc as it is for 
user advocacy, sanity checks> > of UIS or other specs from a user-driven 
perspective, as well as> > getting buy-in and resource allocation far enough in 
advance that> > creating a remotely usable document is at all feasible. The 
later> > the TW is inserted into the process, the harder it is to create> > 
anything better than basic functionally-driven documents.> > > > > 
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