At 09:57 -0700 23/4/08, Rene Stephenson wrote:

>It seems that at some point in time someone had mentioned setting up a TOC at 
>the first of a chapter as a text inset so that it would auto-update when you 
>generate the FM book file. (Maybe I'm dreaming...)

It might have been me. But it doesn't auto-update in the sense that I think you 
might mean: you have to rebuild the chapter-level TOC/LOF/whatever manually for 
any changes in the chapter. The insert can auto-update, of course.

>Well, I have come upon a situation where I could use that to track the chapter 
>contents list as well as a quick-reference guide to the tables for various 
>configurations in a chapter. However, I can't seem to get it to work properly.
>I tried creating the "standalone" TOC for the relevant chapter using the 
>desired subheadings, saved that file in with my other text insets and 
>Alt-F,I,F (by reference) and it doesn't update when I update the text insets. 
>Same problem with the chapter LOT that I set up the same way. At least the 
>failure is consistent. :-\
>What am I doing wrong?

See above. Also see Art's comment: you have to set the preferences for the 
insert to Automatic in the 'Import Text File by Reference' dialog. To get this, 
double-click on the inserted file and then choose 'Settings'.


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