While this two-phase approach will work without a problem, if you want
to achieve the level of automation you're talking about, I think one
of Rick Quatro's prepared scripts, ChapterTOC, is what you want
actually want. It inserts the TOC entries as cross-references at
whatever point in the parent file you select and updates them when you
rerun the script.

$40, I think, and you need to have FrameScript...

You (or Rick) could probably hack it for the LOT.


On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 1:25 PM, Rene Stephenson <rinnie1 at> wrote:
> Yeah, I think it was you, Steve. Maybe this is something I should approach 
> with FrameScript?
>  What if I built a pre-publication file management book for this project and 
> put all the chapter-level generated files for the various books in it, 
> updated that book, and then updated the publication book with all the update 
> settings turned on? Would that work?
>  I'm trying to cut down on the time required to verify that all the "in this 
> chapter" type of lists are updated. Having to check it manually for every 
> chapter when there are hundreds of pages in each book and dozens of books due 
> at production is just too time-consuming.
>  Rene L. Stephenson

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