Rene Stephenson wrote: 

> Richard,
> In that instance, weren't the TOC/LOF/LOT reading all the FM 
> files in the book for one TOC, one LOF, and one LOT at the 
> book level front matter?

Well, yes -- but that's neither here nor there. My point was that the
order in which FM processes updates might be relevant even for a
standalone chapter TOC. If the text inset in the chapter gets updated
first, and the source file for the text inset is regenerated afterward,
then the chapter won't have the latest until its text inset is updated a
second time. 

I've never used standalone chapter TOCs, so I don't know how/when they
get regenerated. Does doing a book update/generate also regenerate the
chapter TOCs, or do you have to do those manually for each chapter? 

If the latter, I'd definitely look into a scripted solution. :-) But,
assuming you do things in the right order (regenerate TOC first, then
update text inset) my point isn't applicable. 

If the former, I think you need a second update to get the new version
of the text inset source.

Come to think of it, if a change in the chapter TOC's length could
change the chapter's pagination, you need a second generate/update cycle
in either case. 

I'm glad I don't do chapter TOCs. ;-)


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