Yeah, I think it was you, Steve. Maybe this is something I should approach with 

What if I built a pre-publication file management book for this project and put 
all the chapter-level generated files for the various books in it, updated that 
book, and then updated the publication book with all the update settings turned 
on? Would that work? 

I'm trying to cut down on the time required to verify that all the "in this 
chapter" type of lists are updated. Having to check it manually for every 
chapter when there are hundreds of pages in each book and dozens of books due 
at production is just too time-consuming.

Rene L. Stephenson

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At 09:57 -0700 23/4/08, Rene Stephenson wrote:

>It seems that at some point in time someone had mentioned setting up a TOC at 
>the first of a chapter as a text inset so that it would auto-update when you 
>generate the FM book file. (Maybe I'm dreaming...)

It might have been me. But it doesn't auto-update in the sense that I think you 
might mean: you have to rebuild the chapter-level TOC/LOF/whatever manually for 
any changes in the chapter. The insert can auto-update, of course.

>Well, I have come upon a situation where I could use that to track the chapter 
>contents list as well as a quick-reference guide to the tables for various 
>configurations in a chapter. However, I can't seem to get it to work properly.
>I tried creating the "standalone" TOC for the relevant chapter using the 
>desired subheadings, saved that file in with my other text insets and 
>Alt-F,I,F (by reference) and it doesn't update when I update the text insets. 
>Same problem with the chapter LOT that I set up the same way. At least the 
>failure is consistent. :-\
>What am I doing wrong?

See above. Also see Art's comment: you have to set the preferences for the 
insert to Automatic in the 'Import Text File by Reference' dialog. To get this, 
double-click on the inserted file and then choose 'Settings'.


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