Hi, Lisa:

There are two InDesign plug-ins you should look into while considering
the move to ID from FM.

* Cross-References: every bit as good as FM's, plus a few extras, like
an option for "on next/previous/this page," if the reference source is
on next or same or previous page. Reasonable price for the features it
adds to ID. I reviewed this in detail in InDesign Magazine for Oct/Nov
2007. Contact them about buying the issue at www.indesignmag.com/
(must use the full address to avoid being redirected).

* MIF2ID: converts FM MIF files to ID files, for a per-page fee. Very
fast, very good fidelity for each page/spread. Compared to manual
conversion, time saved is repaid many times over. If you have their
Cross-References Plug-in installed, FM x-refs are converted. I'm
working on a detailed review scheduled for April publication

Both are made by dtptools.com. I'm completely independent from DTP Tools.

Regarding ID's numbered lists vs. FM, nothing lost, except time
figuring out how to create counterparts manually. MIF2ID converts

Matt's point about FM8's integration in the Technical Communications
Suite is important if you're working with RoboHelp (now supports FM,
again) if you're creating help systems, and Captivate 3 (to record

ID does support XML, with or without DTD, but not the same way as FM -
learning curve ahead. Also, ID doesn't currently support DITA, which
FM does.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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