Plueckhahn, Lutz wrote: 

> Does anyone know how to import files created with Ventura? I have
loads of
> manual files
> here that come from various Ventura versions (pre and post Corel). I
> understand Framemaker
> only imports files from versions 3 and 4? Were these before Corel?

Waaay before (and quite ancient). 

> Until now, I was only able to import one or two files which only
> graphics links but no
> links to doc files. Whenever I try to import a Ventura chp file
> a link to a doc file, I get
> an unspecified error and the import stops.

It's been years and years and years since I worked with Ventura, but
IIRC, the .chp file doesn't contain anything but metadata and links. The
text was entered (and edited) in a word processor or text editor. So you
don't import the .chp file, you import the Word (or whatever) file(s)
that the .chp references. 

At least, that's how I recall things working back when we had the
kerosene-fired computers. ;-)


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