What version of Ventura are you trying to import from?  Do you have a 
copy of Ventura so that you can export the files to other formats?

I don't know if Corel changed the model, but Ventura 3 used source 
files that were in the formats of various other applications, such as 
Word or Wordstar.  If you opened the files in their native application, 
you could work with the Ventura markup directly.  For example, if you 
wanted to tag a paragraph as "Heading1", you would simply prefix the 
paragraph with "@Heading1 = " in Wordstar, and then import the saved 
file into Ventura.

Ventura could also export the files to various native formats, including 
ASCII text format. To import a Ventura document into Frame, you had to 
export its files to ASCII text format first.

Try opening the .CHP file in a text editor to see what graphics and text 
files it calls. Then try opening the text files in their native format 
(if you have Wordstar or whatever), or importing them into Word. If they 
are marked up as I describe, you may be able to export them from the 
native application to ASCII text, and import the resulting text files 
into Frame.

I tried importing my Ventura docs when I switched to Frame (about the 
same time I gave up on OS/2), but I was not impressed with Frame's 
import capability. I ended up creating a script in the Rexx programming 
language that get about 80 per cent of the work done. They require that 
you set up some mapping files to assign the Ventura tags to  Frame tags. 
You also have to create a MIF "stub" containing your Frame template. 
Then you just run the program from a command line using a free Rexx 
interpreter. The script generates a MIF file.

If I can be of further help, feel free to contact me off-list.

Plueckhahn, Lutz wrote:
> Dear all,
> Does anyone know how to import files created with Ventura? I have loads of 
> manual files
> here that come from various Ventura versions (pre and post Corel). I 
> understand Framemaker
> only imports files from versions 3 and 4? Were these before Corel?
> Until now, I was only able to import one or two files which only contained 
> graphics links but no
> links to doc files. Whenever I try to import a Ventura chp file containing a 
> link to a doc file, I get
> an unspecified error and the import stops. 
> Are there any tricks or tips around?
> TIA!
> Lutz
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