Hello Lutz,

If you have one of the latest Corel Ventura versions, preferably 10.0, then you 
can write a script using CorelSCRIPT to export all content to MIF. This is not 
a trivial task, but it can be done.

CorelSCRIPT is a rather complete scripting language that resemble the BASIC 
language. If you are familiar with Visual Basic or VBA you will get familiar 
with CorelSCRIPT quite fast.

To get a quick overview try to enter the Ventura menu Tools -> Corel SCRIPT -> 
Run/Manage scripts. Then select e.g. the "EnableExportOnSave" script and press 
the Edit button to open the script in Windows NotePad. This will give you an 
idea of the scripting code complexity AND flexibility.

The "EnableExportOnSave" script as it comes with Ventura 10 offer you the 
option of exporting all text sequences to either TXT or RTF format. However, 
these export files will include ParaTags, CharTags and Overrides according to 
the Ventura markup language. Hence, tidying-up after import to Framemaker would 
be needed.

To do this you'll need to upgrade all publications to Version 10 and then run 
the script on each PUB.

The "EnableExportOnSave" script can be re-coded in a way that does not use the 
Ventura built-in Save functions, but instead runs through the text flow in 
pages and frames and then saves each flow as plain text files. This can be 
further enhanced to include reading ParaTag and CharTag properties and writing 
MIF code directly.

It all depends on your knowledge, time and finances. I could do it, but I 
haven't much spare time left these days. Instead, I suggest that you contact 
G?bor DE?K JAHN in Hungary to come closer to the help you might need. G?bor 
knows Ventura and CorelSCRIPT inside out.

Search Google for "DE?K JAHN G?bor Ventura" to find him.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Jacob Sch?ffer  |  Chief Developer
Paradis All? 22, Raml?se
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> Plueckhahn, Lutz
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> Emne: Importing Ventura files
> Dear all,
> Does anyone know how to import files created with Ventura? I 
> have loads of manual files here that come from various 
> Ventura versions (pre and post Corel). I understand 
> Framemaker only imports files from versions 3 and 4? Were 
> these before Corel?
> Until now, I was only able to import one or two files which 
> only contained graphics links but no links to doc files. 
> Whenever I try to import a Ventura chp file containing a link 
> to a doc file, I get an unspecified error and the import stops. 
> Are there any tricks or tips around?
> TIA!
> Lutz
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