I didn't quite follow your description. Is the problem that your <top> 
element is causing text in the two columns to align improperly? If so, 
instead of setting it to start at the top of the next page, you might let 
it start anywhere, but to give it a large space below, thereby forcing the 
following paragraph to the top of the next page. (Feel free to send me a 
sample document.)

At 05:46 PM 7/1/2008, Richard Doll wrote:
>Windows XP - SP 2
>Dell 490 WorkStation, 2-meg mem, 2 80-meg disks, dual monitors
>FrameMaker 7.2p158, Acrobat 7.1.0, GhostScript 8.60,  Publi PDF 1.50.0292
>SGML 2-column Catalog with Foredge aligned running heads (2/pg) and foredge
>bleed Section numbers in one col. table-12rows deep.
>1. Running Head A - 15pt, aligned to the foredge "SECTION NAME" - text from
>Element A attribute - on Master Pg
>2. Running Head B - 28pt, aligned to the foreedge "Product Name" - text from
>Element B attribute - on Master Pg
>3. Top of Page - The Element after/adjacent to the Head B Element is called
><top>, in 2pt (can't be made less) type on 0 line space, only function is to
>cause a "Top of Next Page".
>4. First text line - contains 2 Elements (Run-in Paragraph) for indexing
>only.- 6pt on 7, white
>5. Second text line - contains 3 Elements (Rin-in-Paragraphs) for indexing
>only - 6pt on2 - white
>6. Product Title - Element is 1st visable "black type" in a 1-col. table
>with a 35% of color tint background
>ISSUE: Upon the1st page and every following page (R or L) when the next RH-B
>Element occures, the main/general text flow, has (only in col. 1), the 1st
>line of text printing 3pts higher, which is the first line of visable text
>(6.) after the Running head B Element (2.).
>At 400%; a 6pt straight-line rule drawn (with its + cursor exactly on the
>top edge of . . .) from a "left" offending table across the col. margin to
>the adjacent/right col. Product Title table has the "thick" rule lay exactly
>on the tables "top" edge. Thus I say the dif. betw. the cols. is 3pts.
>I have looked at the 4 MasterPage format definitions at font sizes, line
>spacing and space around this text ... both A's and B's  are identical.
>NO format definitions from 1 through 6 - which is 9 formats have [negative
>(above)] spacing and all spacing is the same.
>SECTION                                                SECTION    <--- A
>OldProdName                                   NewProdName    <--- B Head
>|-----------|  |-----------|       |-----------|  |-----------|   <--- Top
>of Col Boundary
>                                              TextTextTe
>TextTextTe  TextTextTe                ^           TextTextTe
>                                                       |
>                               above the Master Page boundary ???  ?? ?
>What else might I look for to correct the problem?
>best to all,
>dick doll
>sgmlindy at
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