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On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 11:00 AM, Jacob Sch?ffer <js at> wrote:
> The old Ventura versions (up to 4.2) had language or region specific 
> import/export filters for referenced files, especially .TXT files. Upgrading 
> may fail if the filter code mentioned in the original CHP file is unknown to 
> the newer version of Ventura or the Framemaker import filter.
> I'd be surprised if Framemaker can import 5.0 or newer Ventura docs. Hence, 
> unless your documents are very old you might be better off keeping them in 
> Ventura 4.2. The 4.2 version CAN still run on Windows 2000 or Windows XP 
> though the installer may fail.
> The easiest way to have this old Ventura run again is to copy an installed 
> version from an old Windows 95/98 computer directly into the C:\VENTURA 
> folder, and then create a shortcut to vpwin.exe. If you can't keep all 
> references to an existing WID file (must NOT be ENVIRON.WID) some text flow 
> will occur -- in which case you might want to upgrade anyway :-)
> - Jacob
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>> Emne: RE: Importing Ventura files
>> Thanks for your help, Jacob!
>> I thought Framemaker was able to import Ventura files. At
>> least in FM7, I can select the file type Ventura Publisher,
>> and when I select a chp file, FM automatically suggest this
>> file type. But obviously, things are more difficult than I
>> first thought.
>> Also, is Ventura 10 really able to open all older Ventura
>> file formats? I doubt this, but will try. My idea was to use
>> Ventura (whatever version), save the existing files in a
>> version FM understands and then import those into FM. At
>> least, that' what some people seem to have managed.
>> Best regards,
>> Lutz

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