Deirdre Reagan wrote:
> Does anyone know why FM automatically makes Table captions but not
> Figure captions?

You have had your answer elsewhere on this list.  But, seriously, why 
isn't there a figure object that is similar to a one-celled table, which 
is a pain to set up.

The new figure object would have:

@    an anchor for the entire object,
@    similar placement options to a table (top of page, bottom of page, 
@    be able to *float onto another page without dragging its anchor 
para after it* (fix tables too)
@    contain an anchored frame, title, multi-para caption, and figure 
footnotes (like a table)
@    a  Figure Designer dialogue where you could set various options (no 
title, title placement, borders and fill rulings and colours, etc.)
@    the ability to output to MIF in a previous format where the figure 
components would be separated into separate objects (title para, 
anchored frame, caption para(s), or into a new MIF format where it was 
just a single object

While we are at it, for both figure and table you should be able to 
specify the placement of the title and caption/footnotes relative to the 
body: above, below, left side, right side, alternating left and right 
sides depending on pagination, etc.

I have been proposing this to Frame Technologies and Adobe since c. 
1798.  We live in hope.  Please feel free to forward this to your 
favourite Adobe contact/forum/blog if you think, this is a good idea



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