> Yeah, it is so fun to (a) insert a single-celled table previously set up
> as a format, (b) import a graphic file or create an anchored frame into
> the single para in the cell, and (c) set the anchored frame to At
> Insertion Point so you can get the spacing even all around, and then (d)
> adjust the cell borders (or anchored frame border) to coincide of the
> figure has a ruled box around it.
> Wouldn't it be great if you could just select a Figure format when you
> are in the file browser and the external graphic is imported into a
> figure all ready to fill in the blanks?

I like that idea. In the meantime, the inexpensive AutoText plugin is even
more capable. You can create sample tables for holding your graphics with
accompanying text, captions, callouts, etc. Then you can pluck the whole
thing from a menu whenever you need it.

For example, AutoText can pop in a table that includes a heading and text
placeholder in the left column. On the right are graphic and caption
placeholders to illustrate the text. All the appropriate paragraph tags--
heading, body, anchor, caption-- are in place. Even the paragraph tag that
holds the anchored frame is predefined. Just click and type or click
and insert the graphic. (I actually reprogrammed a function key to import
graphics.) My table also contains a separate anchored frame, attached to
the caption paragraph, that is set to Outside Column, Side Closer to Page
Edge, and is rotated 90?. I use this to display the photographer's name next
to the photo's edge. A figure style probably wouldn't have that capability.

Mike Wickham

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