Responding to Peter Kelly, Art Campbell wrote:

> In the book file, when you highlight all chapters except the first
> one, right-click and select Numbering, then pick the Paragraph tab, is
> Continue Numbering.... the active choice?
> If not, make it so, save (and save any files that are open), and
> update the book.

Peter's description indicated that his table numbers *were* continuing
across chapters, and that only way that can be true is if the book's
numbering properties are already seto to Continue.

His real question was why figure numbers and table numbers are behaving
differently, and that must be because they are implemented differently 
in the chapter files. 

If the goal is to have all numbers restart in each chapter, the solution 
for Peter is simple: follow Art's procedure but set the Paragraph numbering
properties to Restart insted of Continue. 

If the goal is to have all of the numbers be continuous, then Peter must 
delve into his chapter files to find out what paragraph format is resetting
the numbering series used by the figure captions and remove that 
interaction. If some numbering is continuous across chapters, any 
resetting can only be the result of an explicit reset, such as a <=1> 
building block in the first instance of a figure caption or a non-displaying
< =0> building block in some non-caption paragraph (e.g. a chapter title).



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