If you use the variable in a tag in your chapter, you can add that tag 
to the TOC.

For example, our chapters use an "h1" paragraph tag for the heading, but 
also a "chapter" paragraph tag that incorporates the Chapter Number 
variable. To include both the heading and the chapter number in our TOC, 
we add both paragraph tags when setting up the Table of Contents.

Deirdre Reagan wrote:
> Hi all:
> I'm on FM 8.0, Windows XP and I just returned from a training course
> using Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 Classroom in a Book.  A lot of people have
> recommended that book; I concur.  It's a great basic training book.
> I have to create a TOC and one of items I want to list in the TOC is a
> user variable that is located on the master page of my chapters.  Is
> it possible to have the TOC pick up a user variable?  When we were
> building the TOC, I didn't see that option anywhere, and when I went
> to the reference page to add formatting, I didn't see that I could add
> it there either.
> Thanks!
> Deirdre
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