Does the variable have the same definition in all the chapters?

Then you could do this by importing (or defining) the variable in the
TOC and prefixing the ChaperTitleTOC paragraph on the TOC's reference
page with the variable (and a space as necessary).  

It is not a building block you can extract automatically from the other
files, but simply insert the variable itself in the text of the
'prototype' paragraph on the reference page.

But if the variable value changes in different chapters, the only way to
automate this is to have is appear somehow in the content of those files
(via a special paragraph format) which can then be pulled in the TOC
whenever you regenerate it.

On Monday, June 16, 2008 12:16, Deirdre Reagan wrote:

| Thanks everyone for all the responses.  We are attempting to use the
| user variable as an adjective in front of the chapter title.  As such,
| the user variable doesn't need to have a page number associated with
| it.
| Here's the 411:
| We have a variable, XX-XX-XX, in the footer on the master page.  The
| chapter title is Component Name.  My lead writer wants the TOC to read
| XX-XX-XX Component Name, but he doesn't want the chapter to be called
| XX-XX-XX Component Name.
| I'm thinking I'm going to have to put the XX-XX-XX as the last
| paragraph on the body page and just turn the text white so it doesn't
| show up.  But of course we then run the risk of having another user
| delete it by accident.
| Thanks again for all the information!
| Deirdre
| On 6/16/08, Art Campbell <art.campbell at> wrote:
|> Not directly, no. A TOC lists content -- Body Page material. By
|> definition, something on a Master Page wouldn't be included because
|> it's out of the text flow where a reader can't see it and because it
|> doesn't have a physical location as a page number -- it's on a master
|> page.
|> Art
|> On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 10:44 AM, Deirdre Reagan
|> <deirdre.reagan at> wrote:
|>> Hi all:
|>> I'm on FM 8.0, Windows XP and I just returned from a training course
|>> using Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 Classroom in a Book.  A lot of people
|>> recommended that book; I concur.  It's a great basic training book.
|>> I have to create a TOC and one of items I want to list in the TOC is
|>> user variable that is located on the master page of my chapters. Is
|>> it possible to have the TOC pick up a user variable?  When we were
|>> building the TOC, I didn't see that option anywhere, and when I went
|>> to the reference page to add formatting, I didn't see that I could
|>> it there either.
|>> Thanks!
|>> Deirdre
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