Deirdre Reagan wrote:
> Thanks everyone!  The document is an Aircraft Maintenance Manual (does
> anyone else on this list write an AMM?)
> Let's say we have a Class Divider, an Overhead Bin, and a Lavatory
> that all need a description chapter, an installation chapter, and a
> repair chapter.
> So our TOC will be
> Class Divider Description
> Class Divider Installation
> Class Divider Repair
> Overhead Bin Description
> Overhead Bin Installation
> Overhead Bin Repair
> Lavatory Description
> Lavatory Installation
> Lavatory Repair
> What we want the TOC to look like is this:
> 25-23-01 Class Divider Description
> 25-23-01 Class Divider Installation
> 25-23-01 Class Divider Repair
> 25-51-01 Overhead Bin Description
> 25-51-01 Overhead Bin Installation
> 25-51-01 Overhead Bin Repair
> 25-41-01 Lavatory Description
> 25-41-01 Lavatory Installation
> 25-41-01 Lavatory Repair
> But we don't want the actual Chapter Title to have the XX-XX-XX in it.
> You can see that the number changes among the components, but doesn't
> change within each component's related chapters.
> It's looking more and more like I'll have to put the XX-XX-XX within
> the chapter and change the text to white.

Caveat:  I haven't tried this.  But suppose you put your XX-XX-XX 
variable in a conditional paragraph ahead of the ChapterTitle paragraph, 
and include both pgfs in your TOC setup (with the first tagged as RunIn 
in the TOC).  Show the condition, generate and save the TOC, then hide 
the condition.

Might work?

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