Fred Ridder wrote:

> Another variation (also untested, but I see no reason it shouldn't work):
> Include the XX-XX-XX variable at the beginning of each ChapterTitle
> paragraph but conditionalize it as "TOConly" (or some such condition
> name). The TOC file itself would require no special setup. Just set
> the TOConly condition to Show in all files immediately before updating
> the TOC, then set the condition to Hide before you publish the book.
> If you have FrameScript, it would be easy to write a script to toggle
> the condition, update the TOC, and toggle the condition back to hide.

Good point, Fred -- I use conditionals so infrequently (and only in 
pgf-sized chunks) that I forgot about conditionalizing only a portion of 
a pgf.

I guess the thing to watch is whether inserting the variable pushes the 
title onto two lines, thereby making the pagination different under the 
show vs. hide setting.  (If so, then using separate pgfs with negative 
space above/below would get around that.)


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