I haven't tested this to be certain it works but believe that it should:

If it is not being used otherwise, a possible idea is to set the VOLUME
number variable to the desired text string for the set of chapters, e.g.
25-23-01 for the Class Divider chapters.  

Then add the <$VOLNUM> building block in the Chapter Title TOC format on
the reference pages in the Table of Contents file, and regenerate the

On Monday, June 16, 2008 14:17, Deirdre Reagan wrote:

| Thanks everyone!  The document is an Aircraft Maintenance Manual (does
| anyone else on this list write an AMM?)
| Let's say we have a Class Divider, an Overhead Bin, and a Lavatory
| that all need a description chapter, an installation chapter, and a
| repair chapter.
| So our TOC will be
| Class Divider Description
| Class Divider Installation
| Class Divider Repair
| Overhead Bin Description
| Overhead Bin Installation
| Overhead Bin Repair
| Lavatory Description
| Lavatory Installation
| Lavatory Repair
| What we want the TOC to look like is this:
| 25-23-01 Class Divider Description
| 25-23-01 Class Divider Installation
| 25-23-01 Class Divider Repair
| 25-51-01 Overhead Bin Description
| 25-51-01 Overhead Bin Installation
| 25-51-01 Overhead Bin Repair
| 25-41-01 Lavatory Description
| 25-41-01 Lavatory Installation
| 25-41-01 Lavatory Repair
| But we don't want the actual Chapter Title to have the XX-XX-XX in it.
| You can see that the number changes among the components, but doesn't
| change within each component's related chapters.
| It's looking more and more like I'll have to put the XX-XX-XX within
| the chapter and change the text to white.
| Thanks all!

- Lester 
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