A variation of Peter's suggestion to use the Chapter Number system 
variable instead of the user variable on the master pages as well. That 
way, you only need to specify the number once. Alternatively, instead of 
inserting the <$chapnum> building block before <$paratext> in the reference 
flow, you can just import variables from your document into the TOC and 
insert the variable before <$paratext>. However, using <$chapnum> is more 
robust, because it allows a single TOC to contain entries from chapters 
with different numbers.

At 02:16 PM 6/16/2008, Deirdre Reagan wrote:
>Oh!  That sounds the easiest.
>Thanks, Peter!
>On 6/16/08, Peter Gold <peter at> wrote:
> > Have you tried setting each chapter's chapter-number system variable
> > to Text and typing in the identifying number, and inserting the
> > <$chapnum> building block into the TOC specification area before
> > <$paratext>  on the TOC reference page? For chapters that use the same
> > number, set the Chapter numbering to Use Same Number as Previous
> > Chapter.
> >

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