Thanks, Peter. I was one of the daring few who jumped into the first version of 
the then newly available laptop dual core Intel chipset. Unfortunately, that 
chipset was discontinued after 6 weeks' production due to lack of support for 
power save features. If I had been more cunning, I would have negotiated a 
restock at the time. This idiosyncrasy has been the bane of my laptop 
usage...well, that and the fact that the battery doesn't last more than an hour 
or so. The video card is dedicated, but it also generates a TON of heat, and 
there have been a host of problems cropping up with that heat at the root of 
the issue. Plus, it doesn't help that it has been dropped and slung onto the 
floorboard due to sudden stops in traffic a few times.  :-\  So, I think I'd 
have to rebuild from the motherboard and graphics card all the way up.

I am heavily reliant on 10-key, so I'm afraid that forces me into looking at 
laptops with 17" screens...but I just hate having that size...almost a 
luggable, really.

I'm hearing Parallels and other solutions for Mac are the workaround for FM 
dependency; and SPARC+Solaris is the non-PC environment for FM. I would be fine 
without the Windows security updates. I keep auto-update disabled anyway and 
let my IT guru selectively install the ones that are truly needed and proven 
not to be a Pandora's box. (Color me paranoid, but I once lost too much time 
with a Windows update that interfered with stuff right before a deadline.)

Rene L. Stephenson

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Hi, Rene:

If the only problems on your current laptop are lack of resources, or
messed-upness from long use installing/uninstalling/updating, etc, you
could consider a new hard drive, more RAM, and deactivating the
necessary applications, then reinstalling XP on the new drive,
copying, reinstalling, activating. If the machine's resources are
maxed out, then a new PC or MacTel with XP while it's still available
is a logical choice.

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