Thanks! July 2nd is closer to my funding availability than this week is.  :o)   
I have used Dell desktops, and I have borrowed a Dell Latitude from time to 
time. I also used to own an IBM ThinkPad (which I loved, although it was almost 
prohibitively proprietary and heavy as lead). I saw a Dell laptop recently that 
had a swivel screen and was purported to be drop-tested for durability, but I 
have no clue what model it was. My current laptop is an Alienware, because it 
was the most bang for the buck that I could get with a 10-key. (Yeah, 
accounting background plus tech writing vocation makes for a rather interesting 
keyboard usage...and about half the letters rubbed off inside of a year...)

Rene L. Stephenson

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I don't know how you feel about Dell hardware etc., and I have no 
experience with their laptops myself, but until July 2 you can still 
order the Vostro models with WinXP installed.


Stuart Rogers

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