Thanks, Art. You're right, I'm still warped back in time to the concept that 
Vista is the new kid on the block with all the inherent "don't buy it until 
they work the bugs out" cloud.

My main client has UNIX/Linux servers, and I'll be setting up a server at home 
whenever the basement finish-out project is, well, finished. Whether I set that 
up as a Linux server or a Microsoft server is yet undecided, but I'm leaning 
toward Linux for cost and resource/overhead reasons. Regardless of the laptop 
OS, I'll still be using mostly PC desktops in our home network (currently 5 
PCs), so I was thinking Linux would be the more flexible server setup.

Seems like I have heard of FM for UNIX, but it seems a blue moon. Is that like 
the FM for Mac, also got end-life'd? If so, the idea of a Linux laptop would 
probably carry the same liabilities as a Mac laptop? 

Either way, does anyone have experience sharing currently active FM files 
between users who run FM in different operating systems?

I don't know why I had the impression that Macs are faster systems than PCs? Is 
that just some grassroots advertising campaign? The attractive thing to me 
about Macs is the graphics capabilities and the fact that I have kids in school 
who could benefit from it when I trade up again (which I typically do every 
couple of years at a minimum, to keep on the higher end of available 
performance). I don't really get into the music side of electronics at all.

I had not heard Dell had a next-day replacement. That is good to know. Of 
course, it usually takes about 2 weeks for me to get all the programs loaded up 
and user settings tweaked out anyway, and I wouldn't be able to just image a 
hard drive over if I have to move to Vista. For that matter, I have seen too 
many issues with Adobe products in general for me to use the old standby of 
keeping a recent drive image as a backup in case of catastrophic failure. Shame 
- that certainly was the fastest way to recover. Surely there's a faster way to 
config and tweak out FM... I guess I can just copy the maker.ini and fminit and 
plugins directories to a customization CD?

Rene L. Stephenson

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You're sort of ignoring the fact that Vista is past the first ship
early adopter milepost. It's a relatively known quantity, and the
amount of twiddling ...

Last I heard, Mac's market share has crept up to about 3% of business
systems... so while you may be able to make it a viable solution, you're
going to spend more time twiddling a dual boot or emulation
environment to run Windows. And pay more for the processing power, but
it may be worth it to you.

So if you're looking recommendations for a Windows laptop, I'd go with
an upper level Dell with next-day replacement...
look at the ruggedized models put out by Panasonic, Dell, and some
other vendors, although I don't have any personal experience with
those models.


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