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>I would:
>d) Buy the current Adobe Technical Communicator Suite, just a $900 upgrade 
>with ANY previous license for FM or RH.
>....because the new RH and FM8 work together seamlessly. As I understand it, 
>you don't have to roundtrip stuff back and forth through MIF anymore. You just 
>set up your RH template, point it to the FM source, make all your edits in FM, 
>and as the content evolves in FM, so does your Help output. Just regenerate 
>the RH project as needed.

 e) Buy Mif2Go, a $295 plugin for any version of Frame since 5.5.6, including 
8.x, and save $600...  <g>  Save way more than that compared to ePP.

 ... because it really *does* what you want, with your single source in Frame,
and you never have to roundtrip at all.  All Help features are in your Frame
file, either implicitly (based on formats used) or explicitly (markers), and
you can generate the Help in seconds whenever you want to look at it.  ;-)

BTW, that *does* include drop-down text, something mentioned later in this
thread...  And none of the Help markup interferes in any way with Frame's
normal functionality for print and PDF outputs.

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