Other questions might be: does your client want all of translations in one

Speaking from some translation experience: you also need to decide what
"flavours" of languages you want? If the product will be sold in Central and
Latin America as well as Europe, you may want to try International versions
as opposed to localized. 

Can you change the language that appears on the UI on the GPS product ?
You'll probably want to sync up the languages on the UI with the docs.


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Hi to all,

here is a question from a client: he's just developed a new GPS-based
product in France, has a "getting started" and "user manual" written (I'm
currently working on it) in French and would like to know if he is supposed
to have them translated...

I answered "yes, you have to have them translated into the languages of
countries where you want the product marketted". But I am not 100% sure of
the answer.

The other question is: does the client have to have both manuals translated?

Do you have any idea of official (governmental) documents about this kind of
issue (Europe and/or US)?

Thank a lot!

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