<But another possibility would be to set such
graphics to go always to the top (or bottom) of the page. > 

This might work. As I'm playing around with it, I'm not seeing a way to keep
the caption paragraph with the anchored frame as it moves to the top or
bottom of the page. 

I could put the caption inside the anchored frame (current caption style
doesn't have numbers). I think if we number the captions, the numbering
won't update from inside the anchored frame, right?

Any other way to keep the caption para with the moved anchored frame?

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>I have another question related to a layout that a client wants to use in
>FM. Their documents are landscape, with two columns (not side heads). 
>Sometimes a graphic, like a screenshot, is too big to fit in the column and
>has to go across the columns. When I set the anchor tag to go across all
>columns and the anchored frame to align left and not be cropped, I can get
>the graphic to go across the two columns. Are there any other methods to
>the graphic across the two columns? I could not figure any others out.

AFAIK, that's the only way, short of designing a special master page
for every graphic like that.

>After I do that, the text that came before the graphic spreads out across
>the two columns above the graphic and the text that came after the graphic
>spreads out into the two columns below the graphic. 
>Is this normal for this type of layout? I rarely use two columns, and don't
>have graphics that go across the two columns when I do.

Yes, IMHO.

>I think the client would prefer that the text in the left column continue
>down the left column below the graphic, then continue to top of the right
>column, then below the graphic in the right column. 
>Is there a way to do that in FM?

Not that I know of.  But another possibility would be to set such
graphics to go always to the top (or bottom) of the page.  Then the
question would be moot.  ;-)


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