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><But another possibility would be to set such
>graphics to go always to the top (or bottom) of the page. > 
>This might work. As I'm playing around with it, I'm not seeing a way to keep
>the caption paragraph with the anchored frame as it moves to the top or
>bottom of the page. 

True, that's a problem when you have captions.

>I could put the caption inside the anchored frame (current caption style
>doesn't have numbers). I think if we number the captions, the numbering
>won't update from inside the anchored frame, right?

IIRC, it *will* update, but may not be in the sequence you expect
if there are other items using the same numbering series around.
Two in a row on the same page may be numbered "backwards".

>Any other way to keep the caption para with the moved anchored frame?

The old standby is to use a one-celled table to package the frame
and the caption, if the more limited table placement options work 
for you.


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