>I do something similar, but use a single-cell table with a table title 
> or below. That way I have more accurate control over the Gap, as well as
> placing the title above or below.

D'oh! It turns out that that is what I do, too. I wrote my original message 
from memory and I remembered it wrong. I don't use a two-cell table-- though 
it would work. I use a one-cell table to hold the graphic and use the table 
title to hold the caption. It works great.

Mike Wickham

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>> I'm not seeing a way to keep
>> the caption paragraph with the anchored frame as it moves to the top or
>> bottom of the page.
> Create a two-cell table format and use it for captioned graphics. Assign
> your graphic anchor paragraph format to the top cell and your caption
> paragraph format to the bottom cell. Insert the table wherever you want a
> graphic. Then import the graphic into the top cell and the type the 
> caption
> text into the bottom cell. They'll move together.
> You can take it a step further with the Autotext plugin from Silicon 
> Prairie
> Software. It lets you create a text block that would also include the 
> empty
> paragraph that holds the two-cell table. You can pop it all in with a menu
> click, instead of creating the table anchor paragraph and inserting the
> table separately.
> Mike Wickham

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