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>the only unusual thing about this book is that 
>the source files were brought in from Word via RTF

That could very likely be the culprit.  The RTF
and Word import filters are VERY BAD, and introduce
many strange artifacts into the resulting Frame
file.  These can and will bite you again and again.
MIF washing will do no good.

That's why we strongly advise people to do all 
Word import by copying the Word doc content and 
using Paste Special to put it in as "Plain Text".
It's the only way we know to avoid the sort of 
pain you are experiencing now.  It may seem to 
take longer to do it that way, but it gives you
a nice stable document, and that's well worth it.

Even at this point, you might still consider
that, but after you've put a lot of work in it's
harder to bring yourself to do it...

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
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