There are two settings that affect pagination:

- The "Before Saving & Printing" setting
- The "1st Page Side" setting (in the following chapter)

Both of these are found in two locations: the Pagination settings in
each chapter and the Pagination settings in the book file. The
Pagination settings in the book file override the ones in each chapter,
so I recommend just setting them at the book level unless you have a
specific reason why you can't.

If you need more help, please let me know.

Shmuel Wolfson
Technical Writer

Jakob Fix wrote:
> Hello,
> I've now spent hours scouring the list archive and reading dozens of
> posts dealing with apparently the same problem as us, but none of the
> workarounds and solutions work for us.  Please allow me to expose the
> problem:
> We have a book containing about 500 unstructured one-page documents
> which contain one table each. For information, both the documents and
> the book are generated by Miramo.  Opening the documents directly
> (i.e. not via the book), we can ascertain that they really are
> one-page documents.
> However, on opening a file via the book (which also happens when
> regenerating the book), a second page is added to the file. Although
> this page could be removed manually (special > delete page) and would
> not re-appear after another regeneration, given the sheer number of
> files this is not an option.
> These are our settings:
> - next available page is applied to all document via the book-level
> pagination command
> - double-sided pagination
> - all files use the standard left/right masterpages
> - on save or print: delete empty pages
> We're using FrameMaker 8.
> Thanks,
> Jakob.
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