Peter Gold wrote: 

> I don't have FrameMaker available now, but IIRC, there's a setting
> under Edit > Update that can turn off automatic checking of links when
> a file is opened. I can't remember if it's book-wide, document-wide,
> or application-wide, depending on the active context when you set it.

When a document has focus, you can select Edit > Update References. In the 
dialog box, select Commands > Suppress Automatic Updating, and then choose 
which updates to suppress -- cross-references, text insets, and/or OLE links. 

When a book has focus, you can use Edit > Suppress Automatic Reference Updating 
to affect all files in the book. Interestingly, the description in the dialog 
box says it suppresses updates of cross-references and text insets, but doesn't 
mention OLE links. I don't use OLE in FM, so I don't know if that's an 
oversight in the description or if the book-level suppression really doesn't 
apply to those. 

In any case, setting this option at the book level is a good idea for those 
older documents Syed mentioned that you may need to open from time to time, but 
that shouldn't be changed. 

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