I don't have FrameMaker available now, but IIRC, there's a setting
under Edit > Update that can turn off automatic checking of links when
a file is opened. I can't remember if it's book-wide, document-wide,
or application-wide, depending on the active context when you set it.


Peter Gold
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On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 1:10 PM, Les Smalley <l_c_smalley at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Text insets and cross-references that are updated automatically (upon opening 
> the file),? even if no changes result, will also cause Frame to think the 
> file is modified.? Took me a while to figure that out, as it is very 
> confusing to simply open a file and have FM indicate that it's been modified.
> ? Les
> --- On Wed, 12/16/09, Stuart Rogers <srogers at phoenix-geophysics.com> wrote:
> Jakob Fix wrote:
>> Richard, I should have said this in my initial message, but yes I
>> checked this and found the Pagination > Start: Anywhere for the first
>> paragraph (which is actually the table itself).
> The table itself, the Table Title pgf, or the pgf containing the table
> anchor?? All three have their own Start settings that you should check.
>> On the second page the only thing that's visible (if text symbols is
>> toggled on) is the ? sign. Another observation for which I don't have
>> an explanation is that the page numbers that are displayed in the
>> status bar for each book component file are followed by an asterisk,
>> like this: Pages: 180-181 *? Does that mean they've been modified?
> The asterisk means the file has been modified, although you may not have
> modified the content yourself.? Something as simple as changing the zoom
> counts as "modification".? Also, if you generate a TOC or cross-reference
> from another file, FM inserts markers thereby also modifying the files.
>> Oh, and we're not using chapters at all (at least not knowingly). The
>> numbering for chapters is "as is" -- I could change this to "continue
>> numbering from previous file".
> Each file that is part of a book is commonly called a "chapter", whether
> you title it as such or not.? The numbering properties don't affect
> pagination, so don't worry about changing that.
> --
> Stuart Rogers

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