Text insets and cross-references that are updated automatically (upon opening 
the file),? even if no changes result, will also cause Frame to think the file 
is modified.? Took me a while to figure that out, as it is very confusing to 
simply open a file and have FM indicate that it's been modified.

? Les

--- On Wed, 12/16/09, Stuart Rogers <srogers at phoenix-geophysics.com> wrote:
Jakob Fix wrote:

> Richard, I should have said this in my initial message, but yes I
> checked this and found the Pagination > Start: Anywhere for the first
> paragraph (which is actually the table itself).

The table itself, the Table Title pgf, or the pgf containing the table 
anchor?? All three have their own Start settings that you should check.

> On the second page the only thing that's visible (if text symbols is
> toggled on) is the ? sign. Another observation for which I don't have
> an explanation is that the page numbers that are displayed in the
> status bar for each book component file are followed by an asterisk,
> like this: Pages: 180-181 *? Does that mean they've been modified?

The asterisk means the file has been modified, although you may not have 
modified the content yourself.? Something as simple as changing the zoom 
counts as "modification".? Also, if you generate a TOC or cross-reference 
from another file, FM inserts markers thereby also modifying the files.

> Oh, and we're not using chapters at all (at least not knowingly). The
> numbering for chapters is "as is" -- I could change this to "continue
> numbering from previous file".

Each file that is part of a book is commonly called a "chapter", whether 
you title it as such or not.? The numbering properties don't affect 
pagination, so don't worry about changing that.


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